Monday, August 24, 2009

I Got Skills

The Flavashop presents I Got Skills - Unsigned Artist Networking Showcase @ The Velvet Underground

Mr Flowas


Luke "Walker" Green

Scootz (towercity)



G Dub

Wolf J McFarlane

Scratch Cat

Scott Jackson

Symmetry & Syfi (of the scientists)


O.G and Kolor Brown

Chikaadee and Ruby

The Next I Got Skills event it is on Wed Sept 2nd.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beats, Breaks and Culture @ The HarbourFront

This event was in July but I haven't got to posting it yet.
Beats, Breaks and Culture at the Harbourfront

Beats, Breaks and Graffiti


Art Child


Beats, Breaks and Cuts
Thanks for the free cut Tanya!

Random puppet play from the Clay and Paper Theater.
Cyclops: Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad.

Lawn Freestyle

Sound Check


Beat, Breaks and Broken Social Scene!!
and Friends
Feist, Amy Milan and Evan Cranley from Stars, Emily Haines and James Shaw from Metric, Jason Collett, Apostle of Hustle (and BSS founder) Andrew Whiteman, Happiness Project’s Charles Spearin and Julie Penner, Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff, Sam Goldberg, Lisa Lobsinger

My sister Tatiana and I

Pop, Lock and Load Final
Crews battle it out to win $1500

MJ Tribute

Host Benzo announced his official retirement from his Bboy career of 17 years with Bag of Trix.

Battle highlights

The winners, RBP Crew!

If any Breakers want to do a photo shoot hit me up, I would love to capture you movements.