Monday, January 19, 2009

Pop Girl 7 Music Series

Toronto has some really amazing female talent. On Jan 14th at the Smiling Buddha on Collage I experienced a whole night of it. I went to the Pop Girl 7 Music Series put on by Toronto Exclusive Magazine.

The night began with Intended Creation, Christa Golding. Her set however, was not as she intended, missing piano cord, and broken a guitar string. (the G-string, Haha) Despite, no keys and no G’s Christa had great spirit and we were treated to her sweet, earthy vocals, the guitar and the harmonica. She finished off the set playing drums and singing with her newly formed band the Free Radicals
. With Jenna Street on bass and Olivia Coburn on Guitar, they rocked a cover of Black Velvet. I am looking forward to seeing Christa play at the Rivol on Feb 4th, and experience her piano playing.

Next, Lilly C came in like a ray of sunshine. With her friendly personality, and sweet like honey vocals. Lilys catchy pop tunes that take you to place other then cold snowy Toronto and her song fallen was lovely with a chorus in Chinese.

Cassandra was up next, she had a bit nerves, during the first song, a medley of two originals which she sang acapella. She got her courage back during a Fergie cover, and really brought it for the last song showcasing her unique purring vocals.

Linda Luztono followed with some groovy pop tunes, and shining stage persona. Her song Get Loose made me want to dance. Her vocals were fabulous.

Chattrisse took the stage with a Swagger, and a soulful voice. For her song Fire, about the T. she had rapper Dat Lat lend a verse. She also was the producer the beat, which was pretty fly.

Then Sarah Jean Villa tore up the stage. She is just the right poison that pop needs. Sarah has great stage persona, sexy, and strong with smooth, mesmerizing vocals.

Miss Teasa and the bitter blondes entertained us next, with funny dance tunes, chorography and great energy. Miss Teasa was blunt, outspoken, and even a little crud, but it was great. She had songs about jizz, boy toys and tans.

Up next,was Shottie ,bringing her fierceness to the stage. Her flow is smooth and hot and sexy. She was backed by a fierce drummer, which at times sadly at times over powered her.

Leah Speers closed the show fronting a full band and her big voice. Leah had strong bluesy vocals and energetic stage person. I recognized Leah from a couple years ago, I photographed her for an assignment back when we were both at Sheridan.

I had a great time, so much talent all rolled into one night. Everyone was varied, but each did what they did really well. My photos may be a little lacking as I was there more to experience the performances, then to take photos. Most were taken from my great seating spot on the arm of couch stage left.
I was inspired by the music of several of the artists for concepts for photo shoots.
I look forward to collaborating with them to make some great images.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dammien Alexander at the Supermarket and on the Web.

A Smokey blue mist hangs over the empty room a strong soulful voice fills the space. Its a cold Monday two days before Christmas, Dammien Alexander plays passionately as if to room full of people. In way however, he was playing for many, as the show was broadcasting live all over the world on

After a few slower songs Dammien is joined by band for the evening, Andrew Maison on Bass and Andy Shoniker on Drumbs. They rocked out songs new unrecorded songs that Dammien had been working on the past couple months. [The songs have recenlty been recorded and his new Album Heart Broken and on Fire will be out soon] Despite having only one rehersal they played really well together.

They finished off the set with some bluesy tunes that had me walking away feeling good. I do have to add that Dammien's guitar is really sexy.
If want to hear Dammien for yourself check him out at

Girls in the window

About a month ago I met this girl, scantly clad, looking hot, dancing it up at the Annex WreckRoom. As it turns out she is the designer of the sexy clothes. The next week she was having go go dancers in the window of The Fashion District, a store where her clothes are sold. You can also buy her clothes online. The Label is called Worlds End Clothing and the designer is Hayley Melia. Check it out
Hayley was not going to let the girls have all the fun she joined in on the dancing as well. They were in the window from 3-9 that day drawing lots of attention, and some sales. I think real girls are better then manikins.