Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dammien Alexander at the Supermarket and on the Web.

A Smokey blue mist hangs over the empty room a strong soulful voice fills the space. Its a cold Monday two days before Christmas, Dammien Alexander plays passionately as if to room full of people. In way however, he was playing for many, as the show was broadcasting live all over the world on http://www.synclive.com

After a few slower songs Dammien is joined by band for the evening, Andrew Maison on Bass and Andy Shoniker on Drumbs. They rocked out songs new unrecorded songs that Dammien had been working on the past couple months. [The songs have recenlty been recorded and his new Album Heart Broken and on Fire will be out soon] Despite having only one rehersal they played really well together.

They finished off the set with some bluesy tunes that had me walking away feeling good. I do have to add that Dammien's guitar is really sexy.
If want to hear Dammien for yourself check him out at

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