Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canadian Music Week - Thursday Night

26 Artists, 10 Venues, 4 Nights

My intent was to catch Purrr at Velvet Underground then go to the Rivoli, however I arrived to find a significant line, the word had gotten out that Our Lady Peace was the special guest. After waiting for 20 mins decided I rather hear music then wait in the cold, so I went to the Horseshoe Tavern. I got there before the line started for the sold out Chartattack showcase, evening packed with great music.
I only managed to catch the end of Purrr's unique, high energy show.

Once warm inside the Horseshoe, I tried to squish myself through the mass of people closer to the stage. The front was lined with photographers, and fans that were not giving up their prime spots. I managed to find a place stage right to see Woman play.


Gentlemen Reg's happy tunes drift out over the packed crowd creating a feel good mood. Reg Vermue has an ethereal quality to his voice, and clever song writing. They had us dancing one moment in and in a peaceful trance the next.

Gentleman Reg

The emptying room was filled with the Haunting vocals, Quest For Fire rocked into the late with heavy guitars and fierce drums.

Quest For Fire

It was late and was feeling quite tired as The Delinquints took the stage, but they woke me up and got me excited with there high energy show, performing as if for a crowd not sparse group that remain. They were rowdie though and Jimmy interacted with them and Fro and Jack had no shirts on.
The Delinquints

On my way home the music didn't stop, there were two guys playing guitar at the back of the street car, which I caught right as I walked out the door.

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