Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Canadian Music Week - Wednesday Night

26 Artists, 10 Venues, 4 Nights

Wednesday Night

My music week started off at the Mod Club, which has the sexiest lighting of all the venues. A friend works there and he hooked me up with personal coat check and drinks.
I arrived to fans chanting Sloan, and roadies setting up the stage, they have a guy that sets out water bottles and towels, you know you have made it in Canada when. haha
Sloan rocked the packed crowd with tunes from their new album Parallel Play, and some old favorites.


After a few songs they did a instrument switch a roo, and the songs got heavy with Andrew Scott on Guitar. I like that Sloan shares, everyone writes, and sings and they switch up instruments.

After the show I detoured from the Canadian music week schedule and met a friend at the Big Bob.
I was lucky to catch the end of Scarlet Sins set, an all female metal band. Clad in leather these sexy sirens killed it. Check them out

Scarlet Sins

Downstairs Stone Iris from Edmonton rocked out a small crowd, with hints of blues and funk.
Stone Iris

I finished my night watching The Joys back upstairs at the Reverb, with Sarah Smiths Powerful, soulful vocals filling the room.

The Joys

Check back for more from my Canadian music week adventure.

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