Saturday, March 21, 2009

Canadian Music Week - Saturday Night

26 Artists, 10 Venues, 4 Nights

I went to the Big Bob, where I could see the most bands in one place. It was great, each floor had different vibe.
The Kathedral had a modest crowd out to enjoy the rock. The first band I saw was The Randalls from Milton. With powerful guitar riffs and the excellent vocals of Jonathan Volpe, The Randalls got me pumped up for another night of music.

The Randalls

Next at the Kathedral was the heaver sounds of West Memphis Suicide. Chris Raposo's guitar was pretty sick. Check out their rock anthems

West Memphis Suicide

Alternate End closed the Kathedral with more heavy tunes, and fierce rockin stage presence.
Alternate End

Upstairs the Reverb is packed for The Songstresses of Six Shooter Records showcase. Amelia Curran, all the way from Halifax sang us folk tales with her unique voice. Have a listen

Amelia Curran

Jen Grant, also from the East Coast was next to play her sweet melodies. She was joined by Kinley Dowling on violin, Sean MacGillivray on bass, their addition really made the songs beautiful.

Jen Grant

Melissa McClelland's voice was like a cool breeze blowing across the room. Her bluesy tunes has the crowd movin and groovin.

Upstairs Holy Joe's a had a sparse crowd but The Guys rocked out like the room was full of people. With catchy tunes, and even some dance moves, The Guys put on a great show.

The Guys

Next to play was Norway's Seven. The Sassy front woman, Annette Gil danced all over the stage with energy and passion. Their songs are bouncy and fun.


After being stuck at the Canadian border, and being awake for 21 hours California's The Robotanists rocked Holy Joes. Singer, Sarah Ellquist had a sexy, charismatic stage presence that was mesmorzing. A great end to my Canadian Music Week adventures.


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