Thursday, March 18, 2010

CMW ~ Friday

Canadian Music Week Friday Night ~ Bedouin Soundclash @ The Mod Club {722 College st}

Bedouin Soundclash
was the show I was most excited to see. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in, but my night worked out just right. I was squishing my way through the packed club as Jay's voice and bouncy guitar riffs fill the the room. The vibe was good, Eon's sexy bass lines had the crowd groovin. Voices rose up and sang loud during the encore. Bedouin Soundclash have a new drummer and are going into the studio.

Manager Dave's Birthday.
After stopping on Ossington for B-day festivities for my friend Karen, I went to The Wrongbar {1279 Queen} I saw the end of Madrid's set.

Vitamins For You put on a show, playing in the blackness with masks that lit up. A fog machine that blanked the stage and people dance almost trace like in the swirling fog.

Woodhands brought the party. Delivering high energy stage performance, rockin out on the keytar, syncs, super samples and tight drums. The late night crowd danced it up.

Festival Fashion
I am covering the festival for T & M Magazine, what are people/musicians are wearing to festival, and what inspires it.

I found Chelsea and Julie at the front of the stage at Bedouin Soundclash. I noticed Julies hair, and red lips. Says her look is a 50's house wife with indie flare, like a modern day Betty Draper (Mad Men reference ~ Love that show) Chelsea is inspired by simple classic looks.

Monique went for bohemian look in this dress she got at Risk on Bloor.
At Wrongbar I found Jess, she says her outfit is a former goth wanders into West Queen West.
Cara is a friend of TMDP (who I didnt stay to see) so she wanted to dress up. Cara says she is weird but people think its cool.
Michelle wanted to be comfortable and Meaghan was inspired by disco balls.
Michelle was showing off her tattoo with this open back shirt.
Yvonne wore her mothers vintage Verace belt and clothes from BCBG.
Megan and Caroline were inspired by the city and going out into the night.
Chelsey was wearing a thrift store find with lace tights.
Rock in roll inspired Courtney's outfit.
Steph said that Fashion Blogs inspire her.
Nadia just put on the first shirt she found.

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