Sunday, March 21, 2010

CMW ~ Saturday

Canadian Music Week Saturday Night ~ Grand Analog @ The Drake Underground {1150 Queen st West}

I first saw Grand Analog
last year at cmw, once again they delivered a hot performance. Charismatic front man Odario owed the stage, and Ofield spun and scratch fresh beats. Alister killed the keys and Warren dug a deep groove on bass.

*note its not sweat, he had a lovey lady dump water on him. Warren and Odario with there manager Noah. 84.85 had the crowd in a dance frenzy with a slick flow, fresh beats, sync's and samples. They also invaded the stage when front man Cass said that anyone could come up. There are no rules at an 84.85 show just sick tunes and good vibes.

Montreal's Peer Pressure kept the party going.

Festival Fashion

I am covering the festival for T & M Magazine, what are people/musicians are wearing to festival, and what inspires it.

Quick fix on a rainy day, a portable straightener, yes this is what girls do in the bathroom.
Spotting Monique looking stylish again. Priya wanted to class it up from her casual style for her birthday. She went shopping that day and found this Bebe dress. Opera singer Sarah felt sparkly and a bit 80's, she threw on the hat last minute to fight the rain. Emily was thinking about spring with her colorful dress. Much VJ, Liz Trinnear wanted to be comfortable, as she has been running around doing interviews. Andrea bought her outfit for job interviews she had coming up, and wanted to wear it because it was new. Robin was inspired by awesomeness. Jess got her dress in Glasgow, Scotland.
Shannon dressed for the weather, no dress and a hat. It was Louiza's birthday so she wore a frock that she got in Poland. Jamilah is innovative with her fashion, she made her skirt out of a shirt. Check out her music. Warren is wearing a chain and pendant that was made for him for his birthday, check out Eric Petersen Jennine's necklace is from Brazil. Kat starts with her hair and makeup then picks out an outfit.

Margratia's style is high fashion vintage.
Vi's didn't let the rain keep her from wearing heals. Her personal style is gold and see through. Misha's roommates help her put together her outfit.
Kiuen, likes to be comfortable but still look dressy.
Megan is inspired by girly looks, bows and pink
Charlie made her shirt to support 84.85.
MTV's Peak Season Star Lauren Horton, is wearing Montreal designer Finn. Bartender Micheal is sporting an expensive shirt he used to wear to the day job that he just quit. Whereas, Simon says he is wearing his uniform.
Rebecca was inspired by masquerades. Amy likes nostalgia and says its all about layers and proportion.

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