Monday, March 15, 2010

CMW ~ Thrusday

Canadian Music week Thursday night.

I wanted to see Piper Davis at Wrongbar, however there was a fire in garage behind and the bar was evacuated.

Stopped into to the Cadillac Lounge and got dose of Country music from Montreal's Li'l Andy and his band.

Arriving early at The Gladstone Hotel to the Proud FM presents, I was lucky to experience Toronto's The Craft Economy. High energy, pop punk tunes with spectacular vocals and harmonies. They had me dancing and ready to party.

The Pinup Sanits from Montreal, were my Favorite Performance of the Festival. Wynn and Raul with their unique from voices sang, danced, strutted, crawled and gyrated all over the stage. They had lights, and background projection, at one point there was porn. Winn says they are "little big show". The Pinup Saints performed with charisma and passion, there was sexual energy to it.

Hunter Valentine Rocked the stage last. This fierce three piece kicked it out. Look for their upcoming album Lessons From the late night.

Stopped in at Rancho Relaxo to meet my Friend Katie and caught The Leather's. Spitting witty rhymes and struttin the stage in leather vests.

Festival Fashion

I met Rebeca waiting to get back to working coat check at The Wrongbar after the fire evacuation. She is wearing a vintage Cape that she found in Kengsington Market, which she haggled for because of her work as a vintage wholesale buyer she knows what its worth.

Jenny got creative and had some fun with her fashion working stage crew at the Cadillac Lounge, with glow stick accessory's.
At the Gladstone I found Stacy she says "I just got dressed".

Sonya was inspired by being crooked, her buttons were misbuttoned.
Sarah was inspired by Mia Kirshner. Her fashion misfortune was a broken shoe, which she fixed with tape borrowed from another friends shoe.
The Pinup Saints brought fashion to the stage. Sometimes they are dressed by stylist Cary Tauben this show however, Winn gets style credit for the band taking pieces from her boyfriend to dress the boys. For Winn's stage wear its an extreme version of her own style, she loves heels. Raul is wearing a tank by Montreal Designer Travis Taddeo .

The Craft Economy like to keep their stage looks fresh coming up with new themes. They were going for a nautical for the spring. Singer Kostantine is the stylist for the band keeping them looking fine often dressing them in his clothes and bow ties. His own buttoned high wasted pants were found in a vintage shop and he took them to be tailored to fit tight.

Katie and I's new footwear.

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