Thursday, March 11, 2010

CMW ~ Wednesday

Canadian Music Week ~ The Hippymafia and Spirits @ The Bread and Circus {299 Augusta}

My music week got off to a great start with Kitchener/Hamilton's Spirits. They were full of energy and rocked out dance-y tunes. Singer Brad Germain was a real showman going out into the crowd and climbing up on top of the piano.

I came see my friend Mike's new Band The Hippymafia so seeing Spirits was a bonus. Hailing from the UK and Canada this was their Canadian debut. Rock, hip hop, electro beats, the Hippymafia is mishmash of sounds that fuse together to bring something fresh.

Drunk girls on stage always amusing.

Festival Fashion
I am covering the festival for T & M Magazine, what people/musicians are wearing to the festival, and what inspires it.

Sisters Jannine and Chantelle Kris show that you can be fashionable on any budget. One outfit costing less then $30 complete with rain boots from Canadian tire, the other about $250 with clothes from French Connection. The Kensington Market venue inspired the girls bohemian looks. Jannine was done up with Toronto's Brian Bailey's new makeup line.

Jesse Sousa did some creative sewing turning a jumper into a dress. Finished with glasses borrowed from her roommate.
Jesse also styled her roommate Cassie Pyatt's outfit combining pieces from their other
roommates closets.

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