Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Break a Sweat Music Video ~ Logik Dat Lad ft. Rich Kidd & King Cut (Produced by Rich Kidd)

Saturday evening I stopped by a frat house at UoT for peak behind the scenes of the Break a Sweat Music video. A hot track by Logik aka Dat Lad ft Rich Kidd and King Cut (Produced by Rich Kidd). The debut single from his forthcoming mixtape “New School Cool.” The video was directed by Rome and Produced by Eric Sim.

King Cut
Mrs Fletcher

These ladies braved the nasty kitchen at the frat house to make some grill cheese snack for everyone.
Spek Won and Neil ~

I met up with Melica of AAFA Ent and we went to The Drink for a fashion show by Joy Couture.

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  1. Ah, a dirty frat house. That's one place I'm glad I'm too old for now!

    Love the pictures Melissa, you're doing a great job!